Sunday, June 3, 2012


Well for some reason I was so nervous going into this race.  I don't know why.  I knew I was capable of the distances on all 3 events...I guess I was nervous because I hadn't done a triathlon in a very long time...Maybe a little nervous I wouldn't be even close to the times I was when I quit racing triathlons.  I didn't want to disappoint myself, but at the same time - I wasn't really sure what to expect.  The more I sat around and looked at the water...The more nervous I got about the swim....1500m is a long least when you are looking at buoys in a canal and not the end of the nicely manicured pool lane.
Me and DK before the swim trying to figure out a way to hop out of the canal and jump in at the last buoy and swim back from there.  That has to be legal right?
Crap...I really have to swim this stupid thing...

OMG....Here goes nothing....I am going to die...

So I met DK early at the race, got everything set up in transition and went and waited by the canal. It would be a two loop bike and two loop run course.  I liked that.  So we get in the water and tread water a few minutes out to the kayak start and immediately my goggles fog up.  I am trying to fix them and not drown and the lady yells "10 seconds!" What in the world?  I'm not gonna be ready in 10 seconds...doesn't she know that? Slight panic attack...more fixing of goggles...more fogging. "5 seconds!"  AHHHHHH!  I'm gonna die right here before we even start!  "Go!"  Well crap!  Here we goggles are still foggy and now they are leaking water because I didn't get them back on good!  These goggles have never done this to me and now they are rebelling against a swim I didn't want to do either.  My goggles and I fought the whole 1500m.  I must have stopped 4 or 5 times to clear them and finally said screw it...I am just going to sight every 5th stroke and I'll be fine.  I could see out of a little slit at the bottom of them and that was just going to have to do.  Thank goodness for my friend DK - she stayed with me and reminded me to calm down and just breathe and that she would look out for me if I couldn't see.  I have such awesome friends!  I knew my other Olympic swim times ranged from 29 min - 45 min.  I hit this one it at 36 which was way better than I expected with all the goggle issues!  If my goggles had cooperated, I think I could have done better, but I was happy with that time.

Off on the bike with DK!
So we get in from the swim and head out on the bike. It was hard to stay together on this part because you can only stay so close without getting a drafting penalty so we just went and met in transition afterwards.  We finished within about a minute of each other and it worked out perfectly.  I had already decided that I was gonna wait for her no matter what because she had totally saved me on the swim and I knew she wanted to do this race together if possible because it was her first triathlon of this distance.

So back we go out on the run portion...I was so looking forward to this.  I have gotten to where I think running might be my strongest portion of the triathlon although I really like the bike too.  So off we go.  
Out on the first loop - 

What in the world have you talked me into? We have to do this loop again?

Loving the run...almost done!

I may or may not have been posing for the camera...that or I run like this...

Finished the race and came in at 3:19!  So thrilled with that time!  Out of my 4 Olympic races, that is the second fastest time!  So happy with that!  Maybe I can still hang after all! Don't get me wrong, I am never gonna win my age group or anything, but as long as I can be competitive with myself I am so happy!  

Congratulatory hug from Drum who totally rocked her Sprint and got first in her AG!

I survived!!!

Drum, TPG, and DK - ROCKSTARS!

Elizabeth rocked it out!

I had so much fun today and I must say that we had the biggest and best cheering crowd out there!  There were so many friends either racing or cheering!  Big kudos to Chad and Kim and Kristi for doing their first triathlon!  So awesome!  And Drum, Elizabeth, Amy, and DK for completing their tri's too!  Thank you so much to everyone that came out and cheered - Elaine, Libby, Erin, Gretchen, Marci, Staci, Michelle, and Mama C!  Special thanks to Mama C for all these pictures!  

What a difference 3 years make!  I am so thankful to be where I am right now!  So many fun people, so much support! 

And I will repay the favor of the cheering squad!  You let me know the next race and I am all over it!  It was so uplifting to see everyone out there when they could have been out running, biking, swimming, or sleeping in...and I know all of these girls would have been out there working out some how if they weren't in Las Colinas cheering and that means a whole lot!  Time is precious and the fact that you spent your Sunday morning out there did not go unnoticed!  I love each and everyone of you all!

Love me some E!!!!
Best Cheering Crew! One thing is for sure, you can't miss them! :-)
They even look cute from behind!  


  1. Loved reading about your race. I need to do some run speed work with you! And swimming. Wow, 1500m is a long way!!!

  2. I had so much fun cheering you guys!! And you people make it look like so much fun to be racing out there, this Longhorn might try to go into the water again.... stay tuned... And IF I do this (ok, WHEN, it's WHEN), you better be out there waving a plastic lizard at me to make me go faster!

    Congrats on an awesome day!! And kudos for sticking w DK - that means a TON, I'm sure!!

  3. Love this!!!! Dang, you did SO awesome out there!!! Loved getting to race with you and be a part of DK's first Oly excitement!!!

  4. Proud of you, Babe. As always!