Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day - BEST DAY EVER!

So the next day - New Year's Day 2013 - Best Day Ever because...the whole family did a 5k together! I mentioned in the other post that the kids were doing the 5K on New Year's Eve with Brian.  You have to understand, my husband used to be a big basketball, soccer guy who played all the time when we first got married. He is super fast and super athletic - much more so than I could ever be (don't tell him that though - I have to keep him guessing--) However, over the last few years his knees have bothered him during exercise so he slowly kind of quit everything.  Well, he got up and took the kids to the 5K in the freezing rain on New Year's Eve while I ran the half, then today we all got up and did the 5k together! It was so much fun!

Before the big race, freezing to death!

Chase stayed with Brian and finished with a  45:42 5K on his second day!

Stuart busted a move and came in at 37:58 for his second 5k in a row!
I figure that's pretty good since he has the shortest legs of the family!
He sprinted at the end and smoke me.
Wonder where he gets that?

 It was a great day had by all! I am so thankful for Brian for taking them yesterday and letting me do my thing and then coming back out today! I don't care if the boys get into running or not - I just hope that they find some healthy outlet in life that they can turn to when life gets stressful!

Loran Family Rockstars!
I love these 3 more than anything in the world!

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