Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I love having a coach...

First off let me say, it is weird for me to say that I have a coach. It makes me think of some Olympic athlete or super elite sports person, which I am a long stretch. However, when a few of my friends would talk about workouts from their "coaches", it got me thinking...Why not give it a try?  What could it hurt right? I wanted to get faster and I obviously wasn't making any headway on my own. Yeh, I know I am supposed to do speedwork and hills and tempo this and fartlek that, but fast and how long and how many? I am no running scientist and I hate math BUT I am a rule follower.  If you tell me to do something, come hell or high water, it will get done.  So right before Thanksgiving I messaged Adam (@theboringrunner) since he was a mutual friend on Twitter and my friend Lesley's coach too. I inquired about how much he charged and what all it would entail.  He was awesome.  He send me all the info along with lots of questions about past races, PR's, future goals, etc.  I was in heaven! I love looking at the numbers with running - I just don't like figuring them out!

So for about six weeks he worked with me on speed work and other workouts. I wanted to PR at the New Year's half marathon so that would mean less than a 2:20 half. I was really wanting a 2:15.  He encouraged me and proceeded to kick my ass in workouts.
Adam, Me, and Ninja Greg after New Year's Double race

Felt like this many times during an "Adam" workout...

So after six weeks of working with him, I ran my race on New Year's Eve and came in at 2:14! My hard work was paying off!  Then a week later I ran a 5k and was trying to PR.  I did - by over 2 minutes - coming in at 27:01.  

This could be me...
The best thing about having a coach is that you don't have to think about a thing. You just have to do it.  I look forward to checking my email every Sunday night and seeing what I have to do for the week. It's like opening a Christmas present! I get so excited. Yeh, I am a little nerdy - but I don't have to figure out what I have to do, I just have to work it into my schedule which is totally doable when you have your week's plan on Sunday.  

After the half marathon and 5k, I told him that I wanted him to add the triathlon workouts too to my schedule.  I wasn't sure if I would like that, but oh my gosh...Heaven!  Yes, I still hate speed work because it kicks my butt every time, but I love the results of doing speed work.  My pace has slowly gotten quicker and I can do things I never thought possible.  Probably because I would have never pushed myself  like he has me doing.  Probably because I don't want to have to email or text him and say I couldn't or didn't do it.  I think since November there have been one maybe two workouts that I didn't complete just like he wanted.  It goes back to being a rule follower. If he tells me to do it, I will do it or die trying.

There are many times when I am running speed work on the treadmill that I might not be saying such nice things about Adam. I might be cussing him after the 8th repeat of something ridiculous that he has me doing, but it always pays off and I am singing his praises in my head by the cool down mile.  

I'm not above doing this...just gotta figure out how to get a cake in the gym.

Adam rocks...

I will kill him if I see him...Good thing he lives in Arizona...

So right now I am running a little over 20 miles a week with two bike rides and two swims each week.  I get it done early before the kids wake up and I run during their tae kwon do class so that I can do it without interrupting their day.  Some days I run loops in the neighborhood so I can be close to home while they play or finish school work. Weekends are a bit different as the long rides have to be done in the daylight but the other ride I do on my trainer upstairs while they play.  Taking the guesswork out of what to do allows me to only worry about when to do it and I get creative with that.
Get it done...
So hopefully this year, will continue to be a great one! I am super excited with the way things have gone so far and I am so thankful that I have Adam on my side kicking my ass every step of the way. If you have ever thought about getting a coach - do it...try it...I promise you won't be disappointed - in fact I bet money your life will be less stressful...just open your email on Sunday nights and follow the instructions! Easy as pie...unless anywhere in the instructions it says "Repeat X times." Then I can't promise that you won't be cussing at some point like me.

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  1. I always tell everyone that I coach that I do none of the work so certainly deserve very little of the credit. Great work out there!!!!