Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pretty Exciting Stuff --

Man, in a week of all kinds of bad things going on in the world, a few good things have been happening in my own little bubble.  I am so thankful for that because watching the news lately has just been downright depressing....

It all started last weekend when I was trying to register for the Patriot Half Marathon in May.  I had seen a coupon code on the website for Moms RUN This Town. Well when I checked back on Saturday afternoon when I was ready to register, the code was gone. It said I had to email to get it. So I emailed and was informed that I needed to be a member to get the code and that it was free to join! What? Free?  I am all about free!  So as I started poking around on their website I realized that their was no local MRTT chapter for the Allen/Plano/McKinney area...The closest was Frisco, Sachse, and one in Rockwall.  So after reading up on how easy it was to be a chapter leader and what all I was in charge of, I decided to go ahead and create our own chapter.

Basically, it is just a Facebook page where you keep up with other runners in your area, do group runs, etc.  Pretty low key - My goal was to make it an area where women (you don't have to be a mom to join) could feel comfortable and encourage one another on the road to exercise.  I wanted a less intimidating atmosphere, where anyone felt welcome and not worried about whether they ran a marathon last weekend or walked a 30 minute mile.  The point should be that you are exercising, and everyone that has started exercising had to start somewhere...

So in less than a week, our "little" group has gone from me and the 3 friends I had to add in order to create my own Facebook group to over 120 women! How crazy is that?

I am excited! I have been emailing companies from all over and race directors and even a really cool massage therapist - Massage By Erin who graciously offered us a free massage to give away!  We have received multiple items for giveaway from Headsweats, Knucklelights, and Glitzbandz!  Race directors from around the area have given us discounts on everything from bike rallies to triathlons!  And to top it off, we have had two group runs already and more to come.

I know that it is the first week and interest is high right now.  My hope is that these moms that have joined will continue to exercise and find other friends to work out with, because having a workout friend is priceless.

There needs to be more empowering of each other in this world and less breaking each other down.   My only hope is that this little group can do that.

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