Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 - Let it begin...January Goals

My Goal Chicks
Some friends and I have been meeting over the last year and working on goals throughout 2016. We have all gone through set backs at some time or another over the year, and goals have been tweaked and modified, but we made it through.

Goals tend to stress me out - they will tell you - they have seen it first hand.  So this past month, when we sat down and talked about our goals - I refined mine a bit.  I focused less on
numbers and more on sanity. Instead of 3
and 6 month goals, I am doing one month at at time.

So here are my January goals -

1) Blog once a month minimum.

2) Foam roll/Lacrosse ball every day I work out.

3) Drop one Camp Gladiator a week and put in a Bikram Yoga class in its place. (I'm hoping this will help with the arthritis in my knee.)

4) Hit 200 CG check in's. I just need 6 more!

I'll update at the end of the month and reevaluate how I did and what my goals for February will be.

Do you have any goals for the new year? What are they?

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