Thursday, February 2, 2017

Goals check in!

So at the beginning of January I made some goals and I wanted to check in at the end of the month to update how things went and reevaluate.

Goal 1 - Blog once a month.  Done! That was pretty easy and I really enjoyed it. I have had this blog for a few years now and  I really keep it more for my accountability and so I can remember how the races go.

Goal 2- Foam roll/lacrosse ball every day I work out.  I did really well on this one too. There were a few days I didn't get it done, but for the two weeks going in to the marathon I was diligent and good about it.  The week and a half after the marathon I didn't do any exercise just trying to shake the sinus infection that would not go away so there was no foam rolling or lacrosse balling, but I started running again a few days again and I could tell I probably should have kept up with it because my body is super tight.

Goal 3 - Drop one CG and add in a Bikram yoga.  I did for the first two weeks and after that I switched to a runner's yoga on the internet site DoYogaWithMe. I used the video for runner's IT Band because mine was so tight. I love that website.

Goal 4 - Hit 200 check in's at CG.  Done!  My sweet friend, Sheryl, even came and let EJ kick her butt that day too.
EJ enjoys kicking our butts way too much...Look at that smile of his after basically killing me...
So not too bad on goals for January.  Now on to February!

Goal 1 - Continue with the blog at least once a month! ( I really enjoyed this last month.)

Goal 2 - Track my food every day on MyFitnessPal app. 

Goal 3 - 2 CG's a week with one yoga session via DoYogaWithMe website.

Goal 4 - Finish knitting the ponytail hats for people!  AGH! 

Do you have any goals for February?

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