Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great running week!

This week has been great!  Had my first ever mileage over 25 which was a short term goal for me!  I actually met 31.  I ran Monday (3), Tuesday (2), and Wednesday (8), then on Saturday I was able to hit up the trails with my friend Fiona from NTX Runners for 10.  My new trail shoes came in last week and I was anxious to try them out on Saturday and they were awesome.  I go the Inov8 F230 Lite in hot pink!  SAWEEEET!  Sunday, Kristi, another girl I met through that group, messaged me and we ran 7 along with my friend Kristen.  It was awesome!  And to top it off, it all felt great!  The key to running is this hot weather for me is either late at night or early morning.  Both my long runs this week have been after dark.  I do need to invest in a good headlamp though.

I am so super excited about our running group and so thankful for Libby J. for organizing this group.  I have met so many nice people and made some good friends.  I am very excited about having people to run trails with because up until now I have only had Kristen who would run trails and if she can't go, I have been on my own - and I am still kind of chicken to go by myself.  I need to get out of that mindset and I am hoping to over the next few months.  But I must say, having a running group makes running so much easier.  I am also pushing myself a little more than I would if I didn't have others around me surrounding me with such running love!  A little peer pressure is a good thing.

I have just signed up for The Shoe 10K in Austin for my birthday.  I am super excited because it has turned into a road trip for my whole family.  We are going down to visit my brother who lives down there and he is running it with me!  He will smoke me no doubt, but that is okay.  I may just have to trip him! :-)


  1. I'm so glad to have met you (and the others) through the club, too!

  2. And I feel blessed to have met with you and gotten so many chances so quickly to run with you. I look forward to many more runs together in the future!