Sunday, January 15, 2012

Embrace the Suck

Well this past week has had me feeling like a slug.  I am so ready for the sun to return to its normal schedule. You know, the one where it is light at 6:30 and stays up until 8:30...This light at 7:30 and dark at 5:30 is just crap!  I can't run without it being dark!  And after this last week with the Sherry Arnold case, I certainly am not doing that!  Luckily, I am blessed with lots of runner friends so I rarely run alone anymore, but I will not be running alone without my mace from now on.  

Anyway, this week consisted of a hill workout that kicked my butt...literally...I was sore for 3 days after that and a few walk/runs with my friend, Libby, a bike that nearly froze my toes off with Catherine and a trail run today that would have really sucked had I not been with a bunch of my girlfriends out there.  The trail was terribly hard to run on because of the dirt/clay/sand/mud and horse shoe holes...It was a twisted ankle waiting to happen.  I am already sore from it.  So pretty much my workouts this week sucked, but hanging with my friends while I suffered through the workouts was awesome!  I had to "Embrace the suck," as my friend Erin has told me before.

I am finally in a place to really start training again.  I felt as though after Rocky in November I could do anything...and then I tried Wild Hare and we all know how fabulous that turned out...My friend Michelle had said that your mind recovers faster than your body...Boy, was that the truth.  I was on a high for 2 weeks after the 50k.  Felt good, still running, going strong...and then it all hit me like a ton of bricks and I was tired and worn out physically.  Most of December I was just going through the motions of running.  Still running to keep up my mileage. Still racing to go have fun with friends, but my heart never was into the race until New Year's Double and then I felt good and had such a good atmosphere I was back in the game.  Now 2 weeks after that, I was still feeling a little low which I think was more due to the weather and the stupid sun being off (Doesn't it know I like to run in the evening?).  I think I am finally getting back into a good place though.  I have actually started looking at races and planning out 2012 .  All my other friends have had this done for a while and posted on their blogs, but not me. I just didn't want to think about it any more than I had to.

So I'm back at it...embracing the suck that is the weather but ready to embrace the spring fun that will be here before long.  I can't wait for warmer weather!

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  1. Oh man! Hope "the suck" has left the building. Maybe you're just burned out. I was feeling burned out, too. The Run Less Run Faster training plan has reinvigorated training for me. I'm loving it!

    PS: Tagged you in my 11 random things today!