Sunday, January 1, 2012

Double the fun!

So this year my friend Libby decided that instead of doing the New Year's Day race again that she directed last year here in Allen, she would go bigger and bolder and  changed it to the New Year's Double.  You do a race of any distance from 5k to a full marathon on New Year's Eve and then if you want to get the huge medal, you do another race the next morning New Year's Day.  I have kind of watched this race from behind the scenes for the last few months as Libby and I became better friends and did more races and more traveling together.  I had no idea what all goes into race directing until then and I have a whole new respect for it now!  I knew this race would go off without a hitch because Libby had every detail covered and let me say, this weekend was so much fun!

#2 to sign up for the race gets you the #2 bib...the only time
I will ever have a bib in the single digits!  

It started Saturday where I had signed up for the half marathon with many of my runner friends.  Most everyone was going to do the double half marathons but there were a few crazies that were doing the full marathon both days.  Saturday everyone was in good moods, smiling, laughing...jamming to the music.  It was beautiful weather and it helped that you got to see everyone many times along the course because it was a loop.  I loved that part - seeing all my friends.  Everyone was always so peppy and smiling and having a blast.  I met runners along the way that were about my pace.  I ran with Catherine and Sharon the first loop and most of the second loop.  About mile 9, I took off though.  I was feeling really good and I knew I had more in the tank.  I finished the last 4 miles with 10 minute miles which shaved some time off my second loop that I needed.  Although, I didn't really have a time goal for the day I wanted to be close to 2:30 if possible.  I don't know why...that is usually what I run but at the same time I didn't want to go all out because I was nervous about how I would feel for New Year's Day. I didn't want to be too sore and not be able to enjoy the second race. I wound up with 2:33 for the half and to make it even sweeter, my husband and the boys met me and the boys ran the last 1/2 mile with me to the finish line.
Chase and I at the finish line!
Thanks Gretchen for the pic!
Then came Saturday afternoon...Wow wee...I was hurting...sore, walking funny, you name it...I looked like an 80 year old woman!  I wasn't sure how Sunday would go...but there is only one way to find out, right...go do it again...

Elton was having sympathy pains for me so
he napped with me post-race...

Well Sunday morning, everyone wasn't quite as cheery as they had been at the starting line the day was a little colder and windier...most people stayed in their car until the last minute instead of mingling with all the pre-race excitement like yesterday.  It was pretty funny!  We got out of the car with about 30 minutes before race time and went and got ready.  I was able to visit with all my friends pre-race and even got to chat with a friend I met on Twitter that was running her first half after moving to Texas with her family on Tuesday!  They left Georgia on Monday, got here Tuesday and she ran Sunday!  How awesome is that?  I was very excited to get to talk to her because it turns out she homeschools too!  Yea!!!

Then we were off!  First loop was good...ran with my friends Catherine and Sharon again.  There was much more hobbling and funny running along the course by everyone...including myself!  By mile 6, I knew I could go a little faster but at the same time I wanted to stay with my friends...I decided to go ahead and run so I put my music in and went.  Felt really good all along the second loop.  I even finished faster the second day than I had the first day!  That was a huge shock!  I would have never even in a million years predicted that.  I think all the back to back runs training for the 50K REALLY helped me out!  I am used to running on tired legs...I just know how to ignore them.  Mind over matter, right? 

This is the reason I began running!
Thanks Jill for teaching me I can do anything I put my mind to!
Did you know you were creating a monster when you made me run that first marathon?

Post Race with my fellow Rocky Raccooners, Corina and Fiona!
We were just missing Libby but she was busy directing a race!

Ron, Catherine, Sharon, Me, and Cara
My gang for the weekend!
Jane and I after the race!

Look how cool that medal is!!!

Totally worth the 26.2 miles it took to get it!

So what now...I have been thinking about 2012 for a while. I have some ideas but I don't want to commit to some of them yet. I do know that I want to continue with the trail running. I want to keep up mileage too.  I want to feel like on any given weekend I could go out and at least do a half marathon.  I would like to hopefully get in a triathlon this year to get some cross training in.  And I aim to do Rocky Raccoon 50k again next November. My mileage goal for the year is 1200.  Hopefully I will go way over that, but if I can aim for 100 mile months I'm good with that.

2011 was a huge year for me in running - with all my wonderful friends that I have made this year who have challenged me and made me laugh through it all - I love you all!  Thanks for inspiring me and thank you so much to my wonderful husband who supports me in my running and encourages me.  Although he may think I am a bit crazy and his eyes get all glazed over when I start talking splits and energy gel flavors and compression socks, he still loves me and I am so thankful! 

Wishing everyone a great 2012!  It is gonna rock!


  1. Thank you for making me tear up. In a good way. A great ending to my day. So happy for your wonderful running weekend, and beyond thrilled I helped be a piece of that. :-)

  2. What a great weekend!! I can't believe my ankle feels better today than it did on Friday morning. How crazy is that??? Maybe there is something to running through the a pain.....:) Happy New Year, my friend!!