Sunday, March 18, 2012

Must Eat Brains (aka. Zombi Race)

Yes, he was part of the race...I did scream like a girl and run as fast as possible!

This race started on a Thursday night at a bar down in Deep Ellum.  I found it on a Groupon and mentioned it to my friend Catherine to see if she would be interested since you had to be in a team of 2 or team of 4 to do the race.  She agreed and also recruited her husband, both sisters, and her brother in law to do it also!  It was so much fun!

So we headed down to Dallas about 6:30, and the race started at 7...or it was supposed to.  I think by the time we got our directions and were released it was around 7:30.  Basically it went something like this: you got a postcard that had 3 QR codes on it.  You have to scan a QR code for a clue and then figure out where it was and go there to get your card stamped.  One little bit of info that Catherine and I forgot in all the melee was that at each stop, we were supposed to get another clue for another place.  Since they gave you 3 to start with and there were 6 stops.  Yeh, we totally forgot that because we were busy dodging zombies! So they release us from the club to go out into the night...well as soon as you leave the club, there are freakin' zombies everywhere at the exit to the club!  And they are on roller skates!!!  Zombies don't wear roller skates!!!   Originally the plan was for all 6 of us to try and stick together....yeh, throw a zombie in the mix and that plan was ruined!  We scattered like a bunch of mice!  I almost lost Catherine and we hadn't even started yet!  I may have screamed a little bit too, but I will not admit totally to that.  Once we figured out what business the clue referred to, we had to find it on our phone GPS and then figure out how to get there.  It is a lot easier to tell if you are going the wrong way on the phone if you are driving, that little blue dot that represents you moves a lot faster...When you are walking, you have to walk like 50 feet before the dot moves and you realize you are going in the wrong direction.  (Not that it ever happened to us...)

So off we go, once we got to the first stop Crossfit Deep Ellum, there were zombies EVERYWHERE.  At first it was hard to tell if they were racers or not because we all had to wear glow necklaces.  You wouldn't necessarily know it was a zombie until you were right up on them.  I screamed and ran and got tagged at the first flippin' stop...That made me mad. From then on, I did everything possible to avoid getting tagged including high stepping in a field of weeds and dodging lots of cars very carefully.  No zombie was going to get me.  My partner in crime, Catherine...well that was a different story.  I think all my screaming at zombies might have distracted her from escaping because she got tagged like 4 times! I wound up only getting tagged the one time.  

Look at that hand! Tagged 3 times and we just started!

Yes we like dodging zombies in the middle of the night on random streets in Dallas...doesn't everyone?

So from the Crossfit place, we figured out our next stop would be the DoubleWide Bar a few blocks away.  We headed there and got to the intersection only to find these guys guarding the bar.  If you could get to the porch you were safe and they couldn't tag you.  Um, yeh...I would be getting there untagged if I had to trip someone to do it.

We did convince them to let us have a picture...

After leaving DoubleWide, we crossed the street because we had to get away from the zombies before we could look at our last clue on the postcard.  We decided if we could just get across the street then we would be safe and could calm down and figure it out.  Well, we got across safely, and Catherine started figuring out our GPS stuff and how we needed to get to the next intersection.  While she was looking at her phone, I happened to glance into the shrubs on her other side as we walked by...It was then I might have let a few choice words out as I saw a zombie jump up and get Catherine.  It was also then that I high tailed it into the field of who knows what while my team mate is getting "infected" for the 3rd time by a zombie!  I wasn't very loyal....Even the zombie tried to convince me that since my teammate was infected didn't I want to be too...Uh, yeh, no....thanks for playing..

So then we realize that the next place is way far away!  Like 2+ miles to the next stop.  We were going through parts of Dallas that made me thankful that I had a police officer for a teammate.  I was hoping that if something happened she would forget my unloyalty back there and save me.  Eventually we got to the other Crossfit where they made us do 20 burpees! (I was sore for like 3 days! Kudos to all my peeps that do Crossfit.  I am way too big a wimp!) So then we start heading back, a little confused because we knew it was supposed to be 6 stops but we only had 3.  After talking to other racers, we realized that we had failed to get the other clues.  By then we were so tired and we were getting texts that the other 4 were already back at the club done with the race!  (This is the part where I should mention that Catherine's husband and brother in law got second place, but I might still be a little bitter that they beat us, so I am not going to own up to that.)  So we decided to say forget it, let's head back.  We wound up getting back to the bar and as soon as we walk in, they scan your hand to see if you have tagged by an "infected" zombie.  Catherine goes in first and they ask her who her partner is.  I should have known then that it couldn't be good, but I was loyal (only because I was dead tired and not thinking) and said I was.  Well, guess why they needed her partner?  Because little Miss Get Tagged By Every Zombie had gotten infected and they sent us both to quarantine where we had the option of zombie make up.  Well, Catherine said she didn't want any so I sure wasn't going to get any and be the only zombie.  Then we got to the table and find this:

Before being infected....

After being infected...
Yep, both of Catherine's sisters, Cara and Chrissy, had to go to quarantine and got zombie makeup.  They made it look good...I couldn't have rocked the make up like they did!

So after that, we all wound up going to dinner at like 11 and getting home about midnight.  It was so much fun!  Granted I was sore from all the crazy sprints and burpees and exhausted from staying up til midnight, man I am getting old, but it was a blast!  I would totally do it all over again!  But this time, the boys are not winning...Mark my words!


  1. This looks like so much fun!! I might have to watch for the next one.

  2. Haha! Awesome race report--except you forgot to explain that the reason I was tagged by SO many zombies was because I was fighting them off so you could get away. I was only trying to be a good running partner.