Saturday, February 11, 2012

New race traditions...

Wow!  This weekend was incredible!  I went with my friend, Catherine down to Huntsville to run the Orphan Trail half marathon.  We had registered back in December and have been talking about it long before that.  We wanted a trail run, a decent distance - but not crazy, and a girls' trip all in one.  This was so perfect for all that!

We headed down Friday at lunch time to Huntsville while making a stop in Corsicana at the Collin Street Bakery for lunch and sweets.  We got to H-town about 3 and checked into the hotel and then drove down to the park to see how far from the hotel it was.

Love this park!
Favorite part of the trail!  The end!  
After checking out the race site, we stopped by the Sam Houston Memorial along IH 45.  We may have had to get some fun pics at the memorial. 
Photo bomber Sam Houston

Then we headed  to dinner to chill and out to dinner at the Farmhouse Cafe where Corina, Libby, and Fiona and I had eaten when we were down for the Rocky Raccoon 50k in November.  
Highly recommend it!
And the first new race tradition besides carbo loading  at Collin Street Bakery is peanut butter pie loading at the Farmhouse Cafe!

Yes, please...We did split this...

So after a full day of carbo loading and what some might call sugar loading, we headed back to the hotel to play Scramble on our iPhones and giggle until it was bed time.  Pretty exciting bunch we are, since by 9 o'clock we were in our pj's, in bed, watching the weather, and playing on our iPhone.  

Got up at 6 Saturday morning to get ready and go to the race site for packet pickup! We got there and it was pretty chilly.  Got our bibs and also pinned on our bib for the Sherry Arnold Virtual Run.  I must say the weather was gorgeous and sunny - a little chilly but it was perfect running temps!  They started the race off with a little LMFAO "I'm Sexy and I Know It" at the starting line and I knew then it was going to be a good day!  Then we were off!
Orphan Hope Trail Run
Starting line in the morning
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Yum...Cupcakes!!! Love it!
Bibs are made and ready to go!
Ready to get this party started!

We were both a little nervous about Catherine's hip because she has been having some gizzard hip issues, but luckily the PT that she has been going to worked some magic on Thursday and she was doing good!  We had a beautiful run with a few muddy spots, but not many.  The trail was gorgeous and the sun through the trees was beautiful.  I had so much fun because we ran some trails that I ran for our 50K route in November, but we also got to run new trails up by the dam of the lake.  It was a gorgeous viewpoint! 
Jeep Road!  Does this look familiar Libby, Corina, and Fi? 
Self Portrait time
Just so you know...we got passed by 2 old guys
who were laughing at us taking pictures.
They thought we saw something cool like an
eagle or no, we are
just that cool we like photos
of ourselves! :-)

Some trails

Across the lake!  That is the finish line over there!

Running along the dam.

Dam pic
So off we go running through the woods for 13.1  - This race was very well put on.  There were so many aid stations and volunteers.  I think their were at least 4 aid stations on the route.  I wasn't sure what to expect from this race since I hadn't really seen any marketing for it in the Dallas area, but  we were told that 450 people had signed up, and after the beginning of the race crowd, I believe it.  It was so awesome though.  After the race we got our medals, and one of those delicious cupcakes that had been calling my name the whole race and a bbq dinner that was free for the runners! Seriously, does it get much better than that?  
Done!  3:03 time!
Pretty good for a sore butt and a gizzard hip!
So we headed back to the hotel, got cleaned up and headed home.  We may or may not have made a pit stop again at the Collin Street Bakery (since we ate all the other sweets) to bring some goodies to our kids and husbands since they let us come down and have so much fun.  And the last race tradition that is now going to be a must besides peanut butter pie and the Collin Street Bakery is....drumroll please....

Heaven in a shopping center...

Catherine introduced to me the greatness that is the foot spa...It was a little hole in the wall of a thing and she had warned that it was going to not be very upscale, but that it was worth it.  So I trusted her, and we went in and for an hour they massage your feet and lower legs for $30!  Oh my gosh!  It was so fabulous! I seriously almost fell asleep in the chair!  I know Catherine did, she came out with little drool stains down her chin, but can you blame her :-)  

So this trip was awesome!  We couldn't have asked for anything else to go any better...I am so thankful to our husbands for letting us go.  It was definitely some much needed girl time!

So true...

On a much more serious note, I ran today in honor of Sherry Arnold, the missing runner from Sydney, MT.  That story has touched my heart because of who she was - and who I am.  It could have been me. Her story has made me realize how blessed we all are and made me become more aware of my running habits and I have made a few changes since her story came out.  I do not run alone unless I have my bottle of mace.  (I had it for months before this story and it sat in its packaging until a month ago.) Now if I run early with my girlfriend or by myself, I always have it.  I also always carry a phone.  I do need to get better about telling my husband where I am going, but rarely do I run by myself.  If you are female and you run by yourself, please take precautions.  Don't let her story go in vain, let's make at least something good come from this horrible tragedy and not let it happen again.

I run today for Sherry.  

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time! So happy for you both! And yes, I recognize Mr. Jeep Road, from both loops we ran on it!