Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things....

I have been running for over 8 years now and I have tried just about every gadget that I have heard of when it comes to water bottles, belts, nutrition, etc....A few things have come to be my regular go to when I go out on a run.

My one thing that I use EVERY single time I run is the iFitness belt. I had used the SpiBelt but it bounced too much for me and I had been referred to this belt by several friends a year or so ago.  I LOVE it...It has two pockets and the a hidden pocket inside one of them to keep cash and driver's license separate.  It never bounces and I have even used it on a white water rafting trip to keep my iPhone in last summer and because it is made of Neoprene, my phone was perfectly safe...and we were soaked at the end of that!
Number two thing that I always run with - especially now that it is getting warmer - my Simple Hydration bottle.  Again, a fellow runner recommended it to me and I thought I would try it.  Not only is it a wonderful bottle and frees your hands up, but I can honestly say the BEST customer service I have ever experienced in a company.  The first one I received had a top that wouldn't quit turning all the way.  They sent me a new one no charge at all and with a handwritten note!  I had also ordered one for my dad at the same time and he loves his too!  It has a little hook thing and just hooks onto your shorts or in my case my belt.  Amazing simple and wonderful!
Love this bottle!
Number three on the list are my Nike Tempo running shorts. I will not run in any other shorts...In fact, I don't even buy any other shorts because if I am not running in them, I am wearing them around the house.  They are comfortable and last forever!  For the price and the durability, by far a great investment!

Next thing is headwear...I love the Headsweats visors and if I am not wearing a visor, I am wearing a Glitzband to keep the hair out of my eyes.  I like the visors because they keep the sun off my face and I need to be better about wearing sunscreen.  (That is my goal this year.)  If I am not wearing my visor, I have on one of my gazillion Glitzbands!  
My favorite visor for more than one reason...

Love these things!

The last thing that I have decided I will never part with again are my trusty Inov-8's.    I have tried to switch shoes more than once in the past and I always wind up with some issue...This hurts, that hurts...So once I find a shoe that works for me I am not changing ever again. I recently tried to get wild and crazy and run in Hoka' much as I liked the way they felt - they didn't like me back.  I was very sad, but I am back in my Inov8's where I probably should have stayed all along.  I currently have 900 miles in my second pair of Inov8's and the only reason I need a new pair is because I have worn holes in them!  My first pair I got 600 miles in before I wore holes in them so I figure 900 is awesome!

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