Friday, February 7, 2014

X-1 Audio Giveaway and Review

So a few weeks ago my friend Shannon  put up on Facebook that X-1 Audio was accepting applications for their Ambassador team. I thought, why not...fill it out...I love my Interval 4G Waterproof Headphone System for swimming, so I  knew I would have no problem supporting the company since I loved my stuff that I had.
This makes swimming so much more fun!
Well, it turned out they accepted me and it was pretty exciting!  In return, I got to pick a few more products for myself.  I chose the Women's Momentum Custom In-Ear Headphones (in pink of course), the Women's Momentum Armband, and the Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband for Smartphones.
I LOVE the Amphibx Armband!!! SO MUCH!!!  It is submersible up to 12 feet AND it floats!  Perfect for days at the lake or even swimming if you wanted to!  I wish I had it last summer when I went paddleboarding! I have only used it as a regular armband over the last few weeks since it has been so cold but I am completely in love!  The armband is big enough to fit most arm sizes and you have full function of your phone while it is in the case. You can even take pictures without taking it out of the case because both sides are see through! I look forward to setting it up on my aerobars this summer like the website suggests too! I can even hear the radio on my phone and the telephone without removing it from the case. It's pretty much AWESOME!

I have used the Women's Momentum  Custom In-Ear headphones twice and the first time it took me some getting used to, but once I figured them out I am hooked.  The first time I ran with them was at the gym and the second time I used them it was out on the country roads at my parent's house.  I love to have music out there but it is a road with lots of twists and turns and I have to be careful for oncoming cars that might take a turn too quickly.  The thing I noticed on that run was that not only was the music quality great, but I could hear the outside noises too. I knew exactly when cars were coming and it was AWESOME! Highly recommend these too!
Rocking my Momentum headphones on the country roads!

The Women's Momentum Armband is really cool too. The thing I liked about it was that you it had a place to wrap your cord from your headphones so it isn't bopping you in the face constantly.  The only thing I would warn about this is because they are women specific, the armband is much smaller than the Amphibx.  It fits me, but just barely and I don't have big arms at all.  

All this being said, the good people at X-1 Audio have given me some Momentum headphones to give away!  

Go here and enter to win!  Drawing will be on the February 21!  Good luck!

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