Sunday, March 2, 2014

Training and Mommy Guilt...anyone else?

So I have been training for the Grasslands 50 miler since November.  I am super pumped about it. I feel good and strong right now.  I have put in the miles and received so much wonderful advice from Coach Ninja and Tuck (she just finished her first 50) and I am anxious to get out there and see what race day gives me.  20 days and counting...Grasslands here I come...
Ever felt this way?

That being said, every time I train for something big like Redman or Grasslands, I struggle with being away from home so much for training.  I try to go early mornings during the week, before the minions arise, sometimes I will go after dinner...but Saturdays and Sundays usually revolve around kids' basketball games, swim team, and my runs...Some Saturdays I will run all morning and come home straight for a game. Three weeks ago, I ran a marathon in Huntsville, came home dropped my bags in the foyer of the house, got back in the car and headed across Plano at 8:45pm to make it to Little Bit's basketball game.  I was exhausted, but I couldn't miss it.

I don't know how ladies do it that do races every weekend...or long distance training all the time...It isn't the distance or time on my feet that bother me, it's the guilt that eats at me after a certain point.

My husband is the most patient man in the world. He has never once told me not to go run or complained about my running time away.  I think he knows it is my stress reliever and after being home with the kids all day he doesn't mind. At the same time, I get to the point where I miss being home.

I can't imagine training for a 100 miler or a full 140.6.  I would like to do a 140.6 but I know that is further down the road - at least 10 years when the kids are up and out of the house.  I really like the 70.3 and the 50 miler training hasn't been too bad...I am just ready for race day to be here and then I am not going to worry about any other races for a while...just having fun...

Does anyone else struggle with this or am I just crazy?

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  1. I don't have kiddos or anyone to be responsible for and I get overwhelmed sometimes. I stand in AWE of all y'all Mommas that manage to find a balance that works for YOUR family - you're incredible!
    But I also am impressed at the great example you're setting for your children. Goal setting, hard work, team work, healthy living, balance. They'll benefit from this example more than you'll ever know!
    Good luck at grasslands - I'll be out there volunteering. I'll hug ya big when I see ya!