Saturday, August 16, 2014

Whole 30 Week 2 Recap

Day 8 - First attempt at eating out. Went to Outback Steakhouse and had grilled chicken and steamed veggies only to later find out the veggies had been tossed in a little butter and olive oil. That was kind of a bummer because I was trying to be so good and butter is a no-no. I have to look at the positives though- A) I didn't eat any of the delicious bread or honey butter B) I didn't use Splenda in my tea and C) I didn't eat one bite from the kids' plates.  Major accomplishments in all 3 areas. I would say the goods outweighed the bads for that visit. After posting on our Whole 30 Facebook group, I have learned to order veggies "naked" at Outback.  That's easy enough.

Workout Notes: 5.5 mile run - finally felt a little better (as in I didn't feel like I was dying anymore so than when I normally run). It was hot and humid, but I didn't feel like I had dead legs so maybe we are on the upswing of this. I hope so. Tomorrow is a rest day - like it or not.

Day 9:  Today for dinner we had meatballs, homemade pasta sauce, and some zucchini noodles.  SOOO good!  And very simple. I just used grassfed, local beef breakfast sausage from our butcher and made them into balls and baked them. I found this recipe online for pasta sauce and since it was super easy and had great reviews, I made it. It was fabulous!  Then the noodles, were just zucchini that I used my Vegetti on and then sauteed in olive oil and a little salt and pepper.  Yum! (I have decided I think I may invest in this one.)

Workout Notes:  REST DAY!  Thank goodness!

Day 10: Dinner tonight was beef stew.  It was super good! We also had okra on the side. My friend Catherine had told me to cut up the okra and mix it with salt, pepper, and almond meal and bake it.  We love it that way.  I did have a meeting tonight at 7 with my co-op board members and we always meet at La Madeline and eat dinner while we work.  I ordered a bowl of fruit and water.  Honestly, it wasn't that hard. I had eaten a snack full of protein before I went so I wasn't hungry. When I got home at 10 however, I was starting to get hungry so that is when I got to eat my okra and stew. I think that is really the first time I have been even close to hungry on this whole journey.

Workout Notes:  6.5 beautiful trail miles with my good friend DK.  It felt great. I think I am on the flip side of the tiredness.

Day 11:  Dinner tonight was a taco salad recipe from the Whole9 website. SOOO good!  Topped it with guacamole, fresh veggies, homemade creamy avocado dressing...YUM! Even my husband who doesn't do salads said it was REALLY good.

A few things I continue to notice, is how much better the food tastes.  We are eating so much better than before and it is actually easier to cook! I was really intimidated that I would be in the kitchen a ton more and preparing all kinds of extravagant things, but I haven't been. I actually bought a blank notebook and when I try a recipe and we like it, I add it to the book. It's my personal Whole 30 cookbook and the only things that make it in are the ones we have tried and liked.

Workout Notes:  5.25 miles of speedwork at the track. Felt so much better than last week! Finally I'm feeling better.  I had to get up early for me (5:50) to get done before I had to get home and take the kids to basketball camp. Normally this would have left me drained by 3:00 in the afternoon, but I have felt great all day!

Day 12: Tonight we made the salmon cakes from the back of the Whole 30 It's All About Food book. I had to substitute pumpkin for the canned sweet potatoes because the only potatoes I could find were in heavy syrup  or had added sugar. So sad.  They were VERY good!  We also had some sautéed squash.

Workout Notes: I woke up early and got in a 5.5 mile run solo before taking the kids to basketball camp. I was home by 7:45.  That NEVER happens if I am solo. I like my sleep too much but I am finding that I am sleeping better and feeling much more rested throughout the day.  It was great to get my workout done in the morning because we had a 9:00 basketball game for Chase tonight.

Day 13: Tonight I was kind of in a panic. Hadn't really figured out what I was going to make so I flipped to the back of the book where it has a few recipes for what to do with ground beef. I made the 10 minute chili.  I had also made the ranch dressing this morning so we topped the chili off with ranch dressing and olives and put in on a bed of spinach.  It was REALLY good!  Nothing that I have made has been bad and I am definitely not a cook but we are eating much better and things are tasting much better than they ever have.

I also went up to Local Yocal today to pick up more meat. I was looking around and found that they have bacon with no sugar or nitrates so we bought a few of those to have too. It isn't easy to find so I'm glad they have some!

Also, our sweet neighbor gave the kids two full plates of cookies while they were out playing basketball in the driveway.  Half of them were chocolate chip and half of them were peanut butter (my favorite)!  What a temptation, but I didn't really have the urge for one.  It was amazing.

Workout Notes: Today was a cross training day so I swam 1300. It was perfect.

Day 14: Tonight the boys ordered pizza. My husband couldn't resist. He's gone 14 days on this with me and pizza is his favorite food of all times.  My youngest son's birthday is Monday so we are letting him have birthday weekend and he wanted pizza for dinner.  Well, Brian had some and after he said it didn't even taste that good. He was also amazed that he could only eat 2 pieces. He said a month ago he would have easily put down much more than that.  I'm curious now to see how he continues to eat. I think he will be more conscious of his decisions.  Since everyone had pizza, I snacked on some fruits and veggies and avocado dip.

Workout Notes: 8 mile trail run.  Felt great!  Longest run since I started the Whole 30 and I hit 25 miles for the week for running with one swim and tomorrow I will bike. I'm feeling good!

I'm really loving this. I'm actually enjoying cooking because everything is so easy and tastes so good.  We have eaten out once in two weeks...once...that is a huge thing for us...we used to eat out about 3-4 times a was expensive. Now we are just spending that money on good food from the store!

I'm halfway through!!! I can't believe it!!! Woo hop!!! But honestly, I am only excited because I never thought I could get this far!  I really don't think much will change after day 30! I like real food too much!

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