Saturday, August 9, 2014

Whole 30 Week One

So I decided to try this Whole 30 only after my good friend DK did it.  She loves cupcakes and Mexican food as much as I do and when she finished her day 30 - she looked awesome.  So I tossed the idea around in my head...ordered the book...and threw it out there to my husband.  He suffers from terrible migraines - so much so that he has had an implant put in to help him control them.  When he said he would do it with me, I jumped on it before he could change his mind. We started the next day!

Here are my thoughts through the whole process:

Day 1: Not too bad...a lot more food prep and cooking than I am used to, that's okay. I had gotten really lazy with my cooking. Dinner was baked tilapia with pancetta wrapped asparagus. Super easy!

Workout Notes: Ran 6 miles and felt great

Day 2:  Still waiting for this to hasn't.  I never thought I could do this...We had steamed shrimp and veggies tonight.  No workout tonight, but we did go to Hawaiian Falls Waterpark today and I packed our lunch and stuck to the plan.

Day 3: Picked up our family sampler pack of meats from Local Yocal in McKinney. Excited to try a bunch of new stuff!  Searched recipes for chicken wings, roasted chickens, and beef stew to find some stuff that didn't have dairy, sugar, corn, etc in them.  I'm learning to cook with different ingredients.

Workout notes: Ran 2.75 miles and thought I was going to die!  My legs were dead and I can't figure out why.

Day 4:  Tired today.  Took a two hour nap. Had a really good roasted chicken for dinner. Loving all the meat!  Chase made cookies tonight and I didn't have one - weird thing was, I didn't really want one.  Normally I would have eaten about 10...I'm not even lying...

Workout notes:  Ran 5 miles of speed work and had the same dead leg feeling. I am assuming this has something to do with no carb/ least I hope it does.

Day 5: Beef stew today!  Substituted potato starch for flour to thicken it up.  It was a hit.  Everyone ate it all up.  Still chugging right along. I haven't craved any real sweets.  Every once in a while I think I want a coke, but the thought passes and I am fine.

Workout Notes:  14 mile bike ride in 90 degree weather...ughh...It really was hard...and it shouldn't have been....hopefully this too shall pass..

Day 6:  Dinner tonight was chicken wings. Something I would have NEVER tried to make before, but they came in my package - 3 lbs of them.  So I baked them up with a little salt, pepper, and garlic. Guess how many were left? None!  I was told to buy more next time. Brian wants to take them for lunch.

Workout Notes: Did a 1200 m swim this morning. Actually felt fine but swimming never really tires me out so I don't know if I have turned the corner or not. I did notice that I wasn't STARVING all day afterwards which I usually am anytime I swim.  Tomorrow is another bike ride, so hopefully my legs will get on board. We shall see.

Day 7:   Dinner tonight was a super awesome chicken avocado cilantro salad that I got online.  I even made my own mayo for it! It was super easy!  Tired today, but not any more so than normal after a hot morning workout.

Workout Notes: Well, rode the bike this morning. Got in 25 miles but it was brutal. I'm starting to think it may be some of the fact that I haven't had a rest day in a week on top of the change in diet.

So what have I learned about myself this first week:

  • Sugar is like crack for me. I can 't just have a little.
  • I never felt as full as I did this week. I guess I was eating so much crap before - empty calories. I ate much less this week and felt full the whole time.
  • Breaking bad habits just takes a little work, but I can do it - if I really want to.
  • I actually like cooking. I just need to make time for it.
  • This was the first week in as long as I can remember that we didn't eat out once...and guess what - we didn't was awesome!
So now on to week two. I am looking forward to making some more new recipes and seeing what week 2 holds for me!

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  1. I was like you when I did my whole30 in May/June. I didn't have the cravings like I thought I would and it was easier than I thought it would be. I loved it and after i move, I will be going on it again!!! I just felt better, slept better, looked better (my skin looked great) when i was eating like that. and I got full faster. One the limited budget i will be on, i don't want the empty calories anymore :-) Good luck with week 2, you will do awesome!!!