Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Review - Running and Non Running Related Fun!

Wow...what a year it has been!  I am totally stealing the year in pictures idea from my super cool friend Michelle K because it looked so fun!

Polar Dash with MRTT in January

Followed the next day by Waco's Miracle Match marathon - Toughest Little Marathon in Texas

Love these ladies!

Made T-Dogg run a marathon in January with me around Plano/Allen.
March - completed my first 50 miler with pretty much the help of every frunner I know.

MRTT celebrated our 1 year birthday with a bash!

Saw lots of these in preparation for the 50 miler.

Watched more swim meets this year than I ever have and learned a ton!

Learned how to cheer for the Longhorns since Stuart played for them.

El Chupacabra night time trail race was a hit!

Will run for cupcakes! #TeamCupcake

What what....MRTT likes The King Georg too!  

Swim Across America raising money for cancer research!
Thanks Walter (cousin and olympian) for helping put this great event together!

Collin Classic Bike Rally with some awesome peeps!

Liberty by the Lake 5k with Little Bit

Zip Lining with the family! That was a first! So much fun!

Washington DC and Pennsylvania for the first time!

Blackland Triathlon while MRTT worked the aid station

In September, I made people run with me that didn't really want to and in the process made a great friend. :-)
 For the record, she still runs with me and she likes it.

October was the Ragnar Trail Relay with Team Cray Cray. So fun!

Mavs 5k with the boys in October! So fun!

In November, I tried to be cool like DK Turtle one day and ride mountain bikes and crashed into some trees.

PR'd my half marathon distance in November at the Blue/Red run thanks to all the training with Erin, the companionship of Royce on the course, and a little extra incentive trying to beat Catherine's husband.

November, we went down to Austin to have the 10-7 Ranch recognized for being in the family for 100 years! Very cool!  

Isle Du Bois 18k in December - beautiful weather and beautiful but hard course.

Got the family out on the mountain bikes too.

So thankful for these guys.

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