Saturday, April 4, 2015

What's to come...

It has been a while since I updated...Things are so busy around here with the kids and crazy sports schedules and school...Lots going on at the Goat House...Lots of fun but busy, busy, busy...

Who do these crazy kids belong to?

It is in these times, that I have to creative with my working out. Since January, I have started doing Camp Gladiator and am totally hooked.  The class that I really love is at 5:15 in the morning and if you know me even a little bit, you know that I am NOT a morning person...especially not a wake up at 4:40 am morning person.  This class has been a game changer though. I have several friends who are there each morning and I have met so many new ones. It truly is like a family.  It pushes me harder and further than I would ever push myself...The trainer is absolutely fantastic and finds a way to make burpees and push up and planks fun...Is that possible???  Somehow Carrie even talked my girlfriends and I into doing the CG games...OMG...She said it would be fun...That is my line to use on people and I just fell for it! I'm pretty sure I am going to die at the games, but I will try my hardest to make Team Insult and Injury proud....
So true...

On another note, I am super excited because I registered for a bucket list race this year! I don't have too many really...the Pike's Peak Ascent, Trans Rockies 3 day, and in my wildest dreams the JFK 50 miler although I don't know when I will be ready for another 50...anyway, I digress...So this year, I did register for Pike's Peak.

13 miles straight up the mountain.  7,815 feet vertical gain...yeh, it doesn't take a math expert to realize that is up a mountain. I have wanted to do this race for years but it is always around Stuart's birthday.  This year I had my qualifying time and I have several friends who all qualified and wanted to do it too.  I will be honest, I was super excited at first and the closer it got to registration day I TOTALLY tried to back out on them.  They didn't let me and I am already grateful - but I won't admit that to them yet :-)  We are also making it a mini vacation with the family and have rented a cabin for the week before the race. I can't wait!
Seriously....who wouldn't want to run here?

I also registered for the Redman 70.3 the same day I registered for Pike's Peak. I was kind of in the registering mood I guess.  They are about a month apart so this should be fun training this summer!  AGHHH!

Our Moms RUN This Town chapter is growing by leaps and bounds...It's insane how many members we have now.  I had no idea when I started this little group two years ago that we would now have over 900 members.  Thank goodness I have wonderful ladies who help so much with the group. It has been lots of work but I have finally had to learn to give up some control and delegate for my own sanity.  I couldn't do it without them.

On a side note, if you aren't in our MRTT chapter you should look for one near you or start your own if there isn't one near you.  It is such a blessing!  Visit the nationwide website and check it out!

I have a lot of fun races coming up - Chupa, the Goat Run, the Color Run, and then a small triathlon in May.  Then my training really ramps up for the Pike's Peak and the 70.3.  So I am going to enjoy and have fun until May.

What do you have on tap for this summer racing season?

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