Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!!!

My goal this week was to get 26 miles in so that I could have my first 100 mile month - well, I got 28!  Making it 102 miles this month!  Woo Hoo!  I am so pumped! It has been a trying time to keep up mileage with all these 100 degree days here in North Texas.  We have been at or over 100 for 30 days in a row.  
This is how I feel after a long run!

This weekend I hit up trails both days and loved it!  I definitely love trails more than road runs.
I love not having to cook breakfast! 
Love this park!

Back in the woods...look how cracked the ground is from the heat.
Cool bridge for the bikers.

North Texas Runners group hitting the trails on Saturday morning!
Me at mile 100 today!!!                           

Today I went back out with a couple of friends from North Texas Runners again and hit up the same park for another 7 miles of good ol' fashioned trails...I felt like I was slowing the pace for everyone, well, actually I was slowing the pace down so I tried to do a little running in the woods by myself.  My friends were always within ear shot, but it was really kind of cool just being out there and taking it all in with nothing to distract me.  I could really enjoy nature while at the same time having the sense of security of having my friends with me too.  

So what is next for the month of August - that is the big question...We have family coming in for 2 weeks, a big theater production for the boys, and mid-August will continue back with school since we will be taking the first two weeks off...needless to say, if I am going to stay on track to make this 50k in November, I am going to have to stay focused and strict on my training.  Luckily, I have found a lovely group of frunners (my friend's word) who I know will help me stay on track and help me get out there for a run if I need a little extra incentive. 

So short term goals this week: 

 1) Get all 5 runs in
 2) Get all the mileage in
 3) Enjoy it with friends! (This is the easy one!)

*frunner –noun 
Someone who I met through running but through time and shared experiences has become more than just a runner I know. 

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