Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Summary for August 1-7

Well I hit all my runs and got in some extra mileage!  Woo Hoo!!!  Next week will be the hard one.  We will have family in for about a week so I definitely am going to be having to get up early to get my runs in and no little afternoon cat naps...AGH!  I can do this...

I was able to get in trail runs both days Saturday and Sunday.  We hit up some horse trails on Lake Lavon on Saturday for a quick 5 miler.  My friend Debbie went out with me and that was her first time on trails .  I think she really liked it!  Those trails are flat and fast although the ground was cracked all along the center, with about 1 inch wide cracks, because of the extreme drought we have going on down here in Texas.  Sunday I hit up Erwin Park in McKinney with a bunch of friends from North Texas Runners.  I think there were 10 of us.  It was a good group.  We split up into the faster and slower groups as we went - kind of just a natural progression.
I was in the slower group...Can you tell?

Leslie and Catherine hang with me!

It was a good run though.  One loop measures in about 7.2 miles and I needed 10 today for my plan so did a few others so we took a break and refilled with water and headed back out on the last 3 miles.  The whole first loop I only drank about 40 oz of my Camelbak...I refilled completely at the car before the last 3 and on those last 3 miles alone I drank another 50 oz!  I also tried 2 rounds of Honey stingers about every 45 minutes and also Saltsticks and felt strong when we finished.  My nutrition is something that I really want to work on for this 50K.  I think it can make a big difference in how you perform and how you feel so I am excited to get it all worked out.  I do think one thing I need to focus on beforehand is drinking more water...especially in this heat.  I am not a good water drinker - would much rather have my Red Diamond Sugar Free Sweet Tea! 

I had lots of fun on the Sunday run getting to know some new runner friends - Leslie and Catherine.  We had lots of laughs along the way.  I love meeting so many strong women who are so nice!  The guys are pretty awesome too!  It is so nice to have a support system of fellow runners and friends. 

Erwin Park Self Portrait

Love this trail!
So for next week the plan is: 
Monday - crosstrain  - bike 
Tuesday - Speedwork with Erin 6 miles
Wednesday - Regular run 5 miles
Thursday - Hills with Erin 6 mile route
Friday - off/family in town
Saturday - 12 miler with friends at NTX runners monthly run
Sunday - 6 miler ( hopefully a trail run, but not sure) 


  1. Hey I was running with you at Erwin park today!! I wa the girl in the pink hat if that helps!! It was a great run. That was my first trail run and I really like it!! NTX running group has a good group of runners!! I need to join

  2. Hey Shanda!!!!
    I am so glad you came! I love trails! You will have to come again soon!

  3. Yeah i definitely will. i enjoy reading everyones blog!