Sunday, August 14, 2011

The good, the bad, and the lazy....

I'm ready to start a new week!  I didn't meet all my running goals for the week.  I skipped my long run (the lazy), my new found running buddy has an injury and can't run much more than 3 miles at a time right now (the bad), but I did do speedwork and a tempo run without her (the good).  
Monday -
The plan was to do a whole lot of nothing, however that changed before I even finished my Sunday trail run because Erin C. had messaged me and wanted to go riding on Monday morning...who am I to turn down a good bike ride?  So off we went for a quick ride early Monday morning...It was nice, the weather was perfect (the sun was barely up - thank goodness!) .  It was Erin's first time on her bike that a friend had loaned her so she was a little nervous, but she did great!  We had fun and got to ride a few country roads and a few regular roads.  All in all we did 7 miles and called it a day...I figured that was good...It was 300 more calories than I had planned on burning...I had planned on a big whopping 0 calorie burn!
This was the day where according to my plan, I was going to meet Erin for speedwork at a local track, but after the bike on Monday and running long over the weekend, her foot was bothering her and she was out of commission until she could see a doctor on Thursday...WHAT??? SPEED WORK WITH NO PARTNER????  Crud!!!!  Hmmm...maybe that means the running gods are telling me I could take a day off...right?  Well, I decided to throw it out to a couple of other running friends, Fiona and Gretchen, and see if they would be interested in meeting at the track.  I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with them (they are like the Roadrunner on the cartoons) but at least I would feel a little safer if something decided to try and eat my while I was running circles on a track like a hamster, and also, it might give me the extra push to get out the door knowing that someone was kind of expecting me...Well, they both wanted to go - great -now that means I have to do my alarm goes off at 4:55 am and we are meeting at biggie but I turned my alarm off and woke up at 5:07! Dragging myself out of bed and into running clothes and out the door I up there close to 5:30 and they were already warming up...I run my mile and half warm up and clocked in at a 10:43 pace for that...pretty nice...then on to the 800m intervals...I had to do 6, count them 6 - 1/2 mile repeats...So off I go, running 800m and then walking a lap for recovery...I hit my goal paces every time!  That was nice - even though I thought I might not make those last two 800m I was sucking wind!  Gretchen and Fiona had already finished and left and I was very tempted to call it a day at 4 repeats instead of 6, but I decided to stick it out...My goal pace was 4:30-4:42 --

800 m splits were as follows:

1: 4:37
2: 4:42
3: 4:30
4: 4:37
5: 4:37
6: 4:39 

I really wanted to hit 4:30 on my last one, but then I looked down and my shoe was untied right after the first turn so I had to tie it...with my gracefulness, had I not stopped to tie it, I would have been carried out  on a stretcher so I decided to take a few seconds and tie it...


The plan for Wednesday was an easy one...3 short speed intervals, no hills, nothing...3 short easy miles...Well, the miles weren't the hard part, it was getting out the door to do them!  I was so NOT motivated to do anything.  My alarm went off at 6 and I turned it off and kept right on sleeping until 8:30!!!!  No biggie except it is already hot by then nowadays so I knew I would have to run at the gym in the afternoon or that night...well, afternoon came and went - no run, no going to the gym...Evening came upon drive...nada...I wanted to curl up on my bed and veg...but I knew I had to...I can't give in so easy if I am going to do a 50K, right?  So after dinner I sucked it up and went out...told myself to just do it...put on my garmin and out I go...turn my garmin on...oh wait...battery dead!  What??? I won't have my Garmin to run with?  Seriously?  Isn't there some kind of runner law against that?  So I left it on my porch and used my Nike+ phone app...must have my stats...I am addicted...slightly...Wound up feeling so good after the first 1.5 miles, that I decided to do my whole loop which was 3.5 instead of just 3.  Felt so strong at the end...I was so glad that I had gotten out there and done it because I really didn't want to!  


After my evening run Wednesday, getting up for a 6 mile tempo run Thursday wasn't much fun...I didn't get up early like I should have, but I did get it done and was home before 8:30.  I did my 2 mile warm up  miles and had a side stitch the whole way...I had decided that I wasn't going to go 6 at all and no tempo intervals either because feeling as bad as I was I knew that wouldn't be able to keep the pace I needed so I had decided that once I got to mile 2 I would just turn around and head back home and at least get 4 in - that is a nice run.  Well as I approached the 2 mile point, my side started to feel much I decided to go for it.  I ran 1 mile at tempo pace and made it...not easily...but I made it...I didn't think I could sustain that pace for another mile non stop so I walked a 1/4 mile recovery and then ran the last 3/4 mile at tempo speed...It went pretty well.  I wish I could have the splits for those two miles but my Garmin lumped them together and gave me the average pace including my 1/4 mile walk.  It was still under an 11 minute mile with the walk - so I felt good about it.  I was going to runt the 2 miles back home but wound up taking a short cut back in the neighborhood because I thought my husband might be ready to leave for work and I needed to get back to the kids...when I got back, he was still in his PJ's!  That rascal!  I wound up with 5.25 miles for my run, but at least I got it done and felt pretty good about it!

Friday -
Friday was my official do nothing day!  Which is exactly what I did and I loved every minute of it!
Saturday -
This was an "unofficial" off day...that means I was supposed to run 12 miles but instead did a whole lot of nothing!  I slept in and then didn't have a chance to get it done any other time because we have our in laws in town from London and the boys had their final play that night.  I was bummed that I didn't get it done, but I chalked it up to it being a recovery week.  I needed one of those anyway...and this one fell at a good time, it just wasn't planned and sometimes that can through me for a mental loop.
Sunday -
Got up and ran 7 this morning...had to if for no other reason than I was afraid if I didn't it would be too easy to slip into the "skip a run here, skip a run there" mode. I had to get back on track fast.  I don't trust myself.  I don't really know why that is.
Goals for this week:
1)   Tuesday - 3 miles
      Wednesday - 5 miles
      Thursday - 4 miles
      Saturday - 12 miles trails
      Sunday - 5 miles (hopefully trails)
2)   not stress about running, but enjoy it...
3)   have fun with our company that is here from out of town - it's not every day we get to see Pappy! 

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