Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seriously...what are my friends thinking?

50 miler???
So my friend Lesley has got me thinking about doing a 50 miler in February...key word there is "thinking" - I just finished a race that almost did me in, but it was hot and I was dehydrated so I am going to go with that and assume that won't happen again unless I let it...Let's go back to the 50 miler...REALLY? 50 freaking miles is a long way!  What is even crazier is that my friends - we'll call them Drum and Ninja just did their first 50 miler last weekend and won 1st place in their age group!  How cool is that?  For some reason that has Lesley and I thinking we can do it too...speaking for myself - I would like to say I can train for it and do it...but it looks hard...LOTS of COLD weather this winter....during HOLIDAY time...hmmm.....but I keep coming back to it for some is like a good kind of peer pressure...I guess you can call running 50 miles good peer pressure...can't you?

I have a 30 miler that I am training for right now and I kind of want to see how that goes before I fully commit to anything else, but the training would all work perfectly to then continue on into the 50 miler plan.  So many things to think about over the next month or so....

On another note, I finished up the month of August with 106 miles!  Woo hoo!  That is my second month of over 100 miles ever.  I am pretty stoked...

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  1. No more thinking, i dont care if we walk the last 40 miles, we can do this. Although Drum's race report scared the crud out of me. ;-)