Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Double Life...

I told my husband today that I feel like I have a double life lately...I wish it was cooler than it is, like I was a secret undercover agent that worked alongside Brad Pitt to weed out all that is evil in the world, but it isn't...I feel like I am mom, wife, daughter by day and secret running addict by night (okay not night, but really early morning which is still pitch black - might as well be night)...I swear by the time I get home in the morning everyone is just starting to get up or they are still asleep.  Sometimes, if it is really early when I get home (say 7:00) I can slip back into bed and catch a few zzzz's before anyone wakes up, but not for too long...My oldest son will be awake by 7:30.

I have never been the kind of person who could routinely get into the habit of getting up about 4:30 or 5:00 to do anything.  I have done it sporadically for this and that throughout the last couple of years but not this consistent. (In fact, this only started because this summer the heat was so unbearable in the evenings that morning was the only option.  After all it was still 100 degress at 10 pm and would cool down to a whopping 85 by morning if you were lucky!) I think once my body got used to it, everything kind of fell into place but until then for about a month, I was really tired by about 3.  Now, if I sleep past 8 on my rest days, I feel like I am dragging all day long.  I think I am more tired on those days then the ones when I get up before the sun, run 10 miles, and get back by 7.  How crazy is that? But it is true! I just seem to have so much more energy.

The other thing I have come to love about the early morning workout is that I am done by the time breakfast rolls around.  I don't have to feel guilty about time away from the family - especially when they are unconscious all warm and snuggly!  The evenings are still our family time, I can make dinner and not be rushed.  Here is a great article I read that lays out some more benefits of exercising in the morning.

On another all my runs in this week, had no IT band issues, and lost 3 pounds!  It has been a great week all the way around.

Day 2 of Couch to 5K
3 pounds gone!
The kids have started the Couch to 5K training and have so far completed 2 days with ease.  I am so proud of them!

So for this week, the plan calls for:

Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 6 miles

Saturday: 16 miles on trails
Sunday: 10 miles

I am working hard and staying with the plan for the 30 miler.  I think I might be able to just pull this one off, but I have to get a few more long runs in on the trails before I feel too confident.  It is all starting to come together for me though mentally and sometimes I think that is the hardest part.


  1. Congrats on the 3 pound week. Awesome!!!

  2. I totally agree about early morning running!! I used to be a night time runner after the kids went to bed. When the heat came I had no choice to run in the morning and now I am addicted to running early, 5 am is my favorite time. Like you said it gets it out of the way and doesn't inconveince anyone!! I really have more energy since I have been doing that!! Ok so how did you lose the 3 lbs. Lately it seems like I am just hanging steady and can't get rid of those last 5 lbs!!

  3. I have just been very aware of what I eat....tracking everything on the MyFitnessPal app...It rocks!

  4. You're doing so awesome! I have no doubt you'll be able to pull of the 50K in November. I keep telling everyone that I'm OK with the fact that I've had to slow down, but I think that's a big fat lie! Well, just depends on the day, I think. Either way, I miss running with you and I promise I'll be back out there with you bright and early one of these days!