Sunday, September 11, 2011

I will survive...

I can do this...
 Well this week was going to be my personal milestone...a personal barrier that I needed to break through...I had my longest run in a year and a half -16 miles scheduled for Saturday...followed by a 10 miler on Sunday.  I knew if I could get through the 16 and feel decent and somehow pull off 8-10 on Sunday, I would feel confident enough to sign up for my first 50K trail race.  The question was - how would it go...I can sit here and honestly say, I feel great!  I felt better after the 16 Saturday then I did after many half marathons.  I woke up and met Libby early Sunday for a run and we got in an easy 8 and still felt incredibly strong.  I have never run this much in my life, but I can say that adding mileage and doing back to back runs Saturday and Sunday, even if they are shorter ones, has paid off extremely.  For the first time in my life, I feel like a strong runner.  I have actually never thought of myself as a runner at all, but now I feel much more confident in my abilities.  I feel like with the right training, nutrition, etc I can do more than I ever expected.  It also helps that I have met and surrounded myself with so many knowledgeable and experienced runner friends that I can always ask questions or bounce ideas off.  I have never had that before.
Sight from the 16 miler Saturday...!
So as of this week, hotel reservations are made for the 50K with my girlfriends Corina C. and Libby J, and I will be registering this week for my first 50K.  That still sounds so crazy to me....but I am so super excited!  I can't WAIT!!!!!


  1. You did such a great job this morning. Glad you are still riding high from this weekend's running successes! You deserve it. And of course a SQUEE about our girls' trip! Others go to a spa, but no, we're running a 50K!!!

  2. Great job! You are an awesome runner, girl!!!

  3. Awesome! You are putting in some good mileage. Good luck at Palo Duro!