Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise/Run:

10. If I don't, I will lose my sanity or very possibly need a margarita every or the other if not both!
Yes, I'll take 2!

9.  Cheaper than therapy  -- when I run I can solve all the world's problems with my friends.  

8.  Make all kinds of new animal friends when out on the trail.  Friends to date: a raccoon, a snake, a deer, and several spiders...Fun, fun...

7.  Hopefully, will lose a little weight in the process...seriously, can that be a bad thing? I think not...

6.  Get really cool shorts tan lines that you can sport at the pool.  All the cool kids have them.

5.  Skinned up knees from the stupid roots/rocks... They think it's fun to trip the humans as they bust out their gazelle-like running skillz  through the forest...
Me busting out my trail running skillz....right before I hit a rock/root...

4.  Gives you a reason to get out of obligations..."I'm sorry, I have a 16 miler Saturday, I can't come to the (insert something boring here)."

3.  Who needs a salt scrub, if you sweat enough and get in the bathtub, you have your own organic salt scrub.

I make this on my own!

2.  You get to know exactly how far, to the tenth of the mile, the grocery store is from your house, just in case you did want to run up there. 

1.  The most important, you get to meet all kinds of super, cool, fun "frunners"!!!!  And being around those that think like you do and would do anything for you makes it so wonderful!  This is a shout out and a big thank you to all my runner friends that I have had the opportunity to meet and run with over the last few months!  Thanks to North Texas Runners for providing the opportunity!  


  1. This is HU-LARY-OUS!!! The pics of you running are my favorite :) Can't wait to be back out there with you soon!!

  2. I can't wait for you be back out there with me too! If you only knew!!! This may be harder on me than it is you!!!! :-) I'm about to start a donation jar for a bionic leg for you so you can run with me...We'll call it the gizzard leg fund jar...

  3. I saw an armadillo last night. a LIVE one. usually you just see them smushed & sad. this one was alive & happy! I can't wait to run it out with you again!! miss you!

  4. I miss you too Mama C!!! Glad you are feeling back in the groove! We need to hook up some time soon!